The Nimitz UFOs

OK, UFOs are a phenom among some people, so when the Youtube link popped up on my “suggested for you” list, I was a bit surprised.  I’m not really a UFO guy.  I pretty much accept the premises put forth by Enrico Fermi (yeah – the guy who’s name is on an atomic energy plant) – in his “great filter effect”.   The “great filter effect” is the theory that we don’t find aliens because any time that the civilization of a species reaches the point of having enough power to transit stars – that power is inevitably used to destroy themselves.  So, no species ever does the startship Enterprise thing.

So, when I read the Nimitz Encounters on Youtube, I immediately saw an obvious reason for the experience of the Navy pilots – and it was one that did not involve aliens.

In the story, the UFOs are observed flying at 24,000 MPH -even at sea level.  Yet, no bright trail of hot plasma can be seen in videos and photographs.  When something enters the earth’s atmosphere at 18,000 MPH or more, the air ahead of the entering object is compressed and heated such that the chemical bonds of the diatomic molecules in the air are broken, and this results in a large hot plasma signature.  Yet, even at the indicated very high speeds, the objects in the video had no trails of plasma.

My explanation was pretty simple.  The UFOs were holographic:

There are many Chinese examples of holograms on youtube.  This seems easy to me, that some entity or group (such as Chinese) – or even – an entity from our own nation – could readily make a holographic display to confuse the Navy people.  I posted a comment to this effect in the video’s comment section on Youtube, and the next day it was deleted!  Why?

There are over 7,000 comments on the video page, but only mine needed to be deleted?  Wow.